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Intellinx solves some of the most challenging requirements in today's operational risk and compliance control. Continuous recording of end-user activity takes place at the application level (versus network level) and across every platform - from the mainframe to the web. Every screen viewed and every keystroke made by end-users is recorded and analyzed in real-time, creating field-level forensic audit trails of insider access to corporate systems, answering the questions

Did what?
To which data?
Where from?

A powerful rule engine tracks user behaviour patterns in real-time, triggering instant alerts on irregularities. This allows security officers to immediately zoom-in on suspects and visually replay all actions related to suspicious events, screen-by-screen. Extensive, cross-platform search capabilities simplify the process of investigation. Post-event analysis includes the ability to apply new rules to pre-recorded data.

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Key Components

Record and replay
>Record all end user interaction with back office systems
>Replay of complete user sessions supporting forensic analysis
>"Google like" search on screen content
Analytics engine
>Real time rules track user behaviour patterns and detect internal fraud
>New rules may be applied after-the-fact to pre-recorded data to detect potential violations of anti-money-laundering, market abuse regulations, or other compliance requirements
Case management
>Fraud or compliance analysts' environment to work the alerts and cases
>Supports decisions on false positive alerts

Key Benefits

Application activity recording and monitoring
Rule-based analytics engine to detect any kind of suspicious behaviour of application or system users
Support for mainframe, AS/400, Unix, client/server, web
Visual screen-by-screen replay
Real-time alerts, post-event analysis
Cross-platform detailed forensic audit trail
Cost-effective, non-intrusive – no-risk implementation

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