The best software system - wrongly implemented may end in a disaster.

But what does it take to correctly and efficiently implement a software system?


Software implementation must be understood as a change to business - not just a technical implementation. In order to take the best benefit from the systems capabilities its integration into the business processes must be the focus of the implementation process. This might involve looking at many different issues. Starting from the IT architecture to accounting to business process design to work place design and procedures. Within this framework users, IT teams and suppliers must be managed towards the bank's business objectives and towards the best achievable cost/benefit ratio.

Our Approach

Support of client's system integration projects, which includes management and co-ordination of vendors and the banks' deliverables from a functional (requirements), organisational (workflows, job descriptions etc.) and technical point of view (in-house development, enterprise integration, middleware tools)
Definition of the project organisation and project governance
Assignment of clear responsibilities
Top-down project planning using milestones, with identification of dependencies and definition of key success factors
Cost-benefit analysis
Risk assessment and monitoring
Detailed description of project deliverables
Functional and technical design
Business process optimisation
Issue management and change management
Rollout methodology and support
Contract and documentation management

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System selection
Business analysis
Technical design
Programme/project management
QA / project reviews

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