Providing effective IT services in a modern IT environment requires well defined procedures, rules and budgets to be in place. These will secure that defined security standards are met and availability and confidentiality requirements are kept at all times. Especially for non-IT Management it is sometimes difficult to judge to which extent such rules and regulations are necessary and in place and if so, to which extent they are followed.


In regular intervals IT Audits should be conducted by an independent company in order not only to assess the current situation but to provide advice on how to improve the efficiency and quality of IT services and IT controls.

Our Approach

Our IT audit usually includes topics like
Application & Technical Architecture
Functional coverage
Capacity analysis
Control procedures
Data quality controls
Purchasing strategy and costs
Back up and disaster recovery

However, the individual scope of the audit may be defined according to the actual needs of the client. Any key weaknesses and risks are identified and required procedural adjustments proposed.

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